How to Eat like a Goddess/God

December 1, 2017



Eating is a sacred act we get to do many times a day. How magic is it that our food fuels our bodies so perfectly. Not only does food sustain lifeforce, we even get to enjoy the pleasures of eating! To truly indulge like a Goddess/God and experience eating as a sacred union of whole body and spirit you must....



Use all of your senses when you eat! 




Feast your eyes upon the food. Notice the colours, the shapes and textures. 


I love to use the colours of food as therapy for balancing chakras, and my overall body and mind.  To do this you will need to....



Eat a rainbow of colours!




Enjoy the scents of food. The aromas of spices and natural juices.




Touch your food. Play with it. Make art with it. Connect yourself to your food before you eat it. Feed food to loved ones. 



Maybe your food has messages for you! Or delicious sounds! Let gratitude be your song at every meal.



Delight in all the senses of the tongue. Try to use a variety of spices to fully satisfy your palette at each meal. 



Express your creativity in the kitchen! Be innovative and create new dishes of your own, or be adventurous as you try out recipes from various culinary inspirations around the globe. Make meals with intention, think of the people you will feed, including yourself. 



Appreciate all the labours of love that go into your food. The farmers, the retailers, the cooks. Reflect on all the energy and time that has been needed to grow and prepare this food for you.




Take time to enjoy your meals.

         Bon Appetite!



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