Sat., May 05 | 1300 Gerrard St E

The Ultimate Release- Cathartic Breath work Journey

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The Ultimate Release- Cathartic Breath work Journey

Time & Location

May 05, 2018, 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
1300 Gerrard St E, 1300 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1Y7, Canada

About the Event

How does it work?

In a cathartic breathwork session, breath energy quickly accumulates, cleansing and opening the energy body. Then patterns of holding and tension, suppressed emotion, and blocked energies tend to release and dissipate. The less resistance there is to these feelings, the more quickly and thoroughly they can transform. With the breath energy, relaxation, and the support team of compassionate and experienced facilitators, the breather can feel safe enough to go where otherwise they may not, entering deep realms of emotion and consciousness. On completion of an energy cycle, people commonly report feeling light, clean, open, rejuvenated, peaceful, relaxed, loving, grateful, joyful, alive and blissful. These enjoyable feelings are not in themselves the primary benefit of cathartic breathwork. The deeper benefits become evident in daily life over time as long-standing patterns and habitual reactions begin to transform. Ultimately, it is a loving spiritual practice that helps you to understand and accept yourself in your full potential.

One great gift of cathartic breathwork is its effectiveness in helping us to access and self-heal the emotional pain body. The cathartic breathwork signifies authentic, spontaneous emotional release, not a superficial or artificially-created emotional response. Early in each of our lives, we were confronted with experiences that we interpreted in painful ways, overwhelming our capacity to cope with such feelings. We avoided feeling them by tensing our bodies and restricting our breath, locking the emotional energy in. We also developed an array of defenses against this internalized pain, defenses which may have served us very well to survive the trials of childhood. Over time, those same defenses that once protected us often become more of a liability than an aid to survival. For example, defenses might take the form of numbness, addictive behaviors, over-dependence, or running away from ourselves and others.

Meanwhile, the feelings we avoided over so many years have not gone away — they remain locked in our physical and energetic bodies. This can result in symptoms ranging from physical ailments and illness, to anxiety or depression, to recurring problems in relationships or work, to “stuckness” in spiritual pursuits, to sheer exhaustion from the expenditure of energy required to keep emotions suppressed. The avoidance of the emotional pain body results in energy and consciousness not residing fully in the physical body; we become ungrounded, disembodied, living in our heads or avoiding full presence in other ways.

In a breath session, the pockets and layers of suppressed emotional memory can finally surface to consciousness and be safely felt, transformed, and dissolved. This seems to happen both because of the cleansing effect of the breath energy and because the breath energy helps to soften the barriers between the conscious and subconscious. We discover that what we once believed was too painful to allow was just a feeling waiting to be received.

A skilled facilitator helps the breather work through their habitual defense patterns, both in the session and in their daily lives. The cumulative effect of this process over repeated sessions is a tangible experience of wholeness, integration, embodiment, and profound self-acceptance which is itself transformative.

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